• By Telephone: +323/7602172 (secretaries) Choose option '1'.
  • Online: for urgent appointments within three days. An increased rate of € 60 applies, for reservation and consultation, inclusive. A receipt for healthcare insurance purposes will be handed to you at the consultation.

Please keep your debit card by the hand.

Three steps to make an appointment online:

  1. Fill in your name, surname and e-mail address.
    You will receive an e-mail inviting you to make an appointment via neuro-chirurgie.org.
  2. Make the appointment.
  3. Pay for the appointment via the secured OGONE payment module.
    You will receive an e-mailed confirmation, to be taken with you to the appointment. This e-mail is your proof of payment.

Because of doctor E. Van de Kelft's absence, it is not possible to make your appointment online in the following days. Please contact our secretary so as to they can help you to make your appointment as soon as possible: secretary@neuro-surgery.eu or contact us via 03/760 21 72, choose option 1.